Proposed Matings     2021

Working Kelpie, Kelpies
Working Kelpie, Kelpies
Working Kelpie, Kelpies


  Illawarra Pearl - ( NZ Bred ) - Black & Tan  -  
Pearl recently whelped  a litter of  pups by  Illawarra Mack. 
This is a repeat mating to Illawarra Mack - active , strong, atheletic pups and we are 
impressed with these bloodlines, incorporating the working strengths of both of their mothers, Condover Kea ( Imp ) and Karana Charm II ( Imp ). Also the strong line of cattle dogs in Macks sire - Riverdale Red III ( Imp )   SIRE 2021 -  ILLAWARRA MACK

 Orders :- are now being received for her next litter. Late '21


             Illawarra Faye - ( NZ Bred ) -   Black and Tan   
Faye is a strong bitch with loads of ability, out of  Kate ( Avenpart Imported Parents ) by Barru Moss ( Imp ) (( Karrawarra Bloodlines )) 
She has a lovely nature, very fast, and lots of stock sense, with a lovely temperament.  

Faye is a very natural worker and there is always great demand for her pups

        Limited Orders for late 2021  litter are now being accepted - AI ( Imp )


     Illawarra Katie ( NZ Bred ) - Red & Tan

Katie is a super temperament young female with loads of  ability, potential, and style. Great in the sheep yards.  Will be mated mid 2021 - . Sire to be confirmed.


Orders for Spring time 2021  litter are now being accepted 

Illawarra Mint - ( NZ Bred ) Red & Tan

Mint is a lovely natured young bitch, very keen, kind but can also be strong on stock when needed. Mint will have her 2nd litter in about September / October 2021.

Orders for Mint's 2nd  litter are now being accepted - Sire to be confirmed


The sires on this page are the planned dogs for mating, but the sire may be substituted for another suitable dog, if circumstances change.

               OUR FACILITIES


Photos below are of our Illawarra Kennels with their runs . Half of the netting above the dogs is covered with Plywood sheet for heat and weather protection, with the front open for better air flow. The kennels are washed down twice daily to keep everything clean. Shade cloth is stretched over the runs during the heat of summer, to keep the dogs cool.


Pup Run -  A fun place to exercise, shade to keep cool,and a kennel to shelter in if the weather becomes rough. Pups just love exploring this run and get lots of exercise and it helps their mental development just being pups.


SIZE :-   ( 20m x 15 metres )

Pup Whelping pen - where they stay from Birth until they are venturing out into the run at about 4 weeks old.

They then spend their days in the big outdoors pup run with their mum until weaning, and spend their nights in this pen.

NOTE:- Shade cloth covers most of this pen during the hotter months to keep it cool. In the winter months a tarp covers half of the pen for shelter. There is also insulation under the floor in the hut to provide new born pups warmth for good survival. Works very well.