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 1.    To breed dogs of exceptional working ability, from proven Australian Working Kelpie blood lines, 

         and that are a pleasure to work.

 2.    Select for temperament, high intelligence, and ability, resulting in friendly, calm, steady natures, &  

        quick  learning. Also dogs that can  think and work things out for themselves, with a minimum of  


 3.   To have happy, satisfied customers who will recommend our Kelpies.

 4.   Supply quality dogs for Farm or Station work, ( Sheep, cattle & Deer ) Plus Search Dogs & Agility

 5.   To have fun with our Kelpies, and for them to have a great quality of life with us.




1.   All pups are evaluated for their personality and temperament and matched to Clients Requirements.

2.   We regularly air-freight pups to almost any area of New Zealand where there is an airport.

       This is a quick and economical way of getting your pup home and we arrange everything for you.




 1.   Illawarra Working Kelpies was formed in October 2008 by Ken McNeur and his family.

 2.  We managed a 1680 acre coastal sheep and cattle station in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand

 3.  All of our dogs work on the station, ranging from flat to steep hill country. –from sea to 2100 ft altitude.

 4.  Ken has 50 years experience with sheep and cattle dogs, including 24 years with Kelpies.

 5.  Ken is the appointed New Zealand Representative to the Australian Working Kelpie Council.




When we expanded our Stud we were very conscience of keeping up the quality of our dogs. We now have more pups for sale from a variety of brood bitches, but have endeavoured to have only top bloodlines in the stud; dogs that are beautifully natured, intelligent and talented. Our dogs bloodlines include,  Karana, Riana,   Avenpart, Stockmans , Harrisfarms, Karrawarra, Riverdale  and Barru Studs, plus many other famous working lines  in their ancestry.

 The progeny from these dogs carry some of the best available Australian Working genetics, to provide the total all round Working dog; plus the versatility for Agility, or as a Companion dog. We are very particular of the sires we use, with carefully planned matings.


We concentrate on breeding for Type, Temperament, Intelligence and Ability.



  Our Favourite Quote :-


            Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our life whole … Rodger Carus  ( writer )

Clay assisting in the yards
Clay assisting in the yards

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Scanning in mud
Scanning in mud

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Turbo backing sheep for Clare
Turbo backing sheep for Clare

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Clay assisting in the yards
Clay assisting in the yards

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   Agility fun - kelpie versatility outside of work

            VIDEO courtesy of Celina Lovejoy

                     Owner of :-   Illawarra Riot  -  

  Jumpers Grand Champion, - Agility Champion
             - ADXA (Gold ) , - JAX, - GDX, SNX,